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Currently, the Kronex Company is a large diversified organization engaged in various areas of activity. The experience accumulated over 29 years has allowed us to become:

  • A reliable and responsible supplier of quality materials from world brands.
  • An expert in the field of building materials for monolithic construction in the CIS.
  • A manufacturer of products in demand for construction under its own brands Kronex and Fixar.
  • Official distributor of the Outdoor brand.
  • An international transport and logistics company providing a full range of warehouse services.

Areas of activity of the Kronex Company

Kronex Company produces welded masonry mesh under the Kronex and Fixar brands, which is widely used in modern construction and other areas of management.

Finished products are stored in a covered warehouse, which completely eliminates the negative impact of atmospheric factors and minimizes corrosion processes. In addition, the company is equipped with one of the most modern technological lines in the country, therefore it is able to minimize production costs and offer the buyer the lowest price, both wholesale and retail.

In the manufacture, only high-quality raw materials are used, which ensures high performance characteristics of the finished product.

We offer products in cards of different sizes, with cells from 50x50 mm to 200x200 mm for use in all areas of construction.

Advantages of Kronex Company:

  • manufacturer's price;
  • fast delivery;
  • fulfillment of all obligations to customers;
  • wholesale and retail;
  • quality assurance.

The catalog of products of LLC "Kronex Company " satisfies the needs of large developers. Long-term cooperation with proven global manufacturers contributes to the ability to have a large number of high-quality building materials in warehouses, provide the most favorable prices and promptly deliver bulk consignments.

There is always a wide range of products of our own brands:

• construction mesh for masonry, facade decoration and other various purposes

• wire for fixing metal reinforcement

• components for the construction of formwork

• fasteners

• different types of equipment for power tools

• adjustable and non-adjustable supports and additional parts to them

• films for various purposes

• hand protection and many other products.

We know how to make your object stylish, comfortable and durable. We will be able to solve all your questions regarding the arrangement of terraces, fences and barriers. Range of finishing and building materials:

• terrace and fence boards

• ready-made fences

• ventilated facades

• profiles for creating benches and steps

• clinker tiles

• furniture for terraces.

The largest transport and warehouse logistics complex, where you can access not only storage services, but also transportation, as well as freight forwarding. The company provides a full range of logistics services from cargo storage to international transportation with customs clearance, so you can transfer all the logistics of your company to us and significantly simplify your own production processes.

Warehouses are equipped and organized for responsible storage of all types of goods. The material and technical base, production, warehouse, office premises in personal possession are used for their own purposes and are provided for rent.

In a modern logistics center, ideal conditions have been created for storing goods, transporting them, forwarding, transporting them to European countries by rail and road with the registration of customs documents. The railway line owned by the organization makes it possible to transship goods to European countries. Transport logistics includes cross-docking and crane operations with full cargo safety.

01.Official distributor of the Outdoor brand
02.Manufacturer of materials for monolithic construction
03.The largest transport and logistics complex
31years on the market

Our mission

Close all the needs of customers with high-quality goods and high-quality service delivery.

Our vision

We combine international thinking with deep knowledge of local markets. This is our strength and allows us to provide the best quality products and services around the world.


Our team consists of highly qualified employees who know and love their job.


We always speak openly about our advantages and warn about disadvantages.


We take into account all the wishes of our clients and try to make cooperation as convenient as possible.

Our story


In 1993, a small company called "Evrosklad Service" was formed and settled 10 km from Minsk. At that time, it provided a range of services for logistics, rental, transshipment of goods and provision of storage and storage facilities.


In 2005, according to the decision of the management, the organization expands its scope of activities, increases the number of employees and is engaged in direct sales of building nets and wire.


In 2010, due to an increase in demand and sales growth, the assortment was supplemented with component parts for formwork and reinforcement clamps.


Since 2015, the company has reached a new level with the emergence of its own unique developments under the Kronex and Fixar brands. Modern materials and technologies have made it possible to obtain high quality products, which have become popular with builders and have taken a leading position in the market. The management of the company managed to increase demand several times and significantly expand the range of products thanks to the emergence of dealer networks. During the same period, Kronex became an Outdoor distributor.


In the period 2016 - 2017, the company, under the Kronex and Fixar brands, began to produce rebar clamps and formwork components, which made it possible to increase the number of positions in its warehouses.


In 2018, the organization expanded not only the range of goods, but also dealer networks. The result was not long in coming, the demand for products this year is increasing significantly. Every third house in Minsk is built from materials under the Kronex and Fixar brands.


Major changes took place in August 2019. The company united all its directions under a single name - "Kronex" and launched a large-scale rebranding.


In 2020 and to the present, the priority of the company is a high level of service, customer support until the end of the transaction, production of quality products, prompt delivery of high-quality building materials.


In 2022, Kronex Company launched its own manufacture of welded and reinforcing mesh under the Kronex and Fixar brands. Only high-quality raw materials are used in the manufacture, which ensures high performance characteristics of the finished product.

Office in Belarus

Minsk, st. Filimonova 20, office 64, RC "Aquamarine"
+375 (17) 336-97-16

Warehouse in Belarus

Minsk region, ag. Mikhanovichi, building "Evrosklad". Route
+375 (17) 336-97-16

OFFICE in Russia

Moscow, st. Leninskaya Sloboda, 26, bldg. 28 (BC "Slobodskoy")
+7 (499) 490-50-19