Welded mesh in cards

Welded mesh in cards

The Kronex company produces welded mesh in cards and offers customers a range of products under two brands: Kronex (GOST and TU) and Fixar (TU).

Welded masonry mesh is widely used in modern construction and other economic sectors. Finished products are stored in a covered warehouse, which completely eliminates the negative impact of atmospheric factors and minimizes corrosion processes. In addition, the enterprise is equipped with one of the most modern technological lines in the country, therefore it is able to minimize production costs and offer the buyer the minimum price, both wholesale and retail.

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Production technology

As a manufacturer of welded mesh, our company uses hot-rolled card reinforcement and reinforcing wire (VR-1) in the production of masonry mesh.

Individual rods are placed mutually perpendicular. And they are fixed using spot welding. The strength of the connection is the same both horizontally and vertically, which is checked directly in production.

Only high-quality raw materials are used in production, which ensures high performance characteristics of the finished product.

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The production of the mesh is carried out in strict compliance with specifications. Welded mesh is produced without coating under two brands, Kronex and Fixar.

Cell sizes:

50/50, 100/100, 150/150, 200/200.


2×0.25 m; 2×0.38 m; 2×0.5 m; 2×0.64 m; 2×1 m; 2×1.5 m; 3x2 m; 6x2 m.

It is made of wire with a rod diameter of:

3, 4, 5, 6 mm.

We offer 4 levels of quality at a price to match


according to GOST (without deviations)


according to TU +/- 10%


according to TU +/- 20%


according to TU +/- 35%

3 ways to check mesh quality:

  • Take measurements of the rod (with a micrometer) and the cell (with a caliper).
  • Count the number of rods. If there are fewer of them than stated, then the cell tolerances will be greater.
  • Compare the weight of meshes of the same denomination (weight plays a major role in the cost of the mesh).

Areas of application

Welded mesh is used in the following areas of construction:

  • Plastering work - to strengthen a thick layer of plaster, both for internal and external finishing work;
  • Masonry with piece building materials: brick, large-format ceramic blocks, cinder blocks and other piece masonry building materials based on cement;
  • Road construction - strengthening the load-bearing foundations of road surfaces with high traffic intensity and extreme loads;
  • Monolithic concrete work - sand-cement pouring, insulated Swedish slab foundation and other building structures;

In addition to construction, welded mesh with zinc anti-corrosion coating can be used in the following cases:

  • Creation of fencing, fences and other temporary and permanent limiting structures;
  • Animal cages;
  • In agriculture - as a supporting base for weaving crops, etc.

The Kronex company produces and sells nets in Belarus, as well as their sales throughout the Russian Federation. By contacting us, you can buy mesh from the manufacturer at an affordable price. We offer products in cards of different sizes, with cells from 50/50 mm to 200/200 mm for use in all areas of construction.

Complies with GOST and TU

Steel VR-1 and S500

Exact cell and bar dimensions

Production in Belarus

We invite private developers, individual entrepreneurs, retail chains, construction and industrial companies to cooperate.

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