Welded mesh in rolls

Welded wire mesh in rolls

The Kronex company produces and sells a wide range of welded mesh in rolls under the Kronex brand. 

Welded mesh is produced in strict compliance with specifications, is available with a galvanized coating and with cells of different sizes, different roll lengths, and rod diameters. 

The mesh is actively used in a wide range of construction and finishing works, as well as in other areas.

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Production technology

Galvanized welded mesh in rolls is made of low-carbon wire. The spot welding method is used as a connection option.

The strength of the product, as well as the service life of structures built using it, directly depend on the quality of the welds. That is why we especially carefully control the quality of welded joints. 

Also, to protect and extend the service life, the surface is coated with a layer of zinc. Only the best raw materials are used in production, and all work is carried out using professional equipment.

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Kronex welded mesh is produced in the Republic of Belarus, in the ag. Mikhanovichi, the following sizes:


from 0.8 to 2 mm.


from 12.5 to 100 mm.


from 5 to 25 m.

Areas of application

Rolled welded mesh is used today in various construction works. For example, a finishing mesh allows you to strengthen finishing layers; the mesh can be used in the reinforcement process.

There are several key areas for using welded mesh in rolls.

  • Road construction. When creating roads, sidewalks and other similar elements, welded mesh is also used. It makes it possible to significantly increase the strength of surfaces that are regularly subjected to high loads, which eliminates the formation of cracks and various defects during operation.
  • Finishing work. To increase the strength of many finishing surfaces, mesh reinforcement is used.
  • Construction. Strengthening various types of structures made of concrete, screed, masonry, and so on.

Also, mesh in rolls is used in the process of landscaping, in the manufacture of reinforced concrete products, in agriculture, and so on.

High quality steel

Corrosion resistance

Complies with Technical Requirements

Production in Belarus

We invite private developers, individual entrepreneurs, retail chains, construction and industrial companies to cooperate.

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