Since 2015, under the Kronex brand, using innovative technologies and modern materials, they began to produce first-class products with a quality guarantee that meets state standards

Production is carried out in two directions:

• plastic supports and accessories for them, which are widely used on operated roofs, in the construction of terraces, temporary decking, for the installation of equipment, construction of industrial floors, etc.
• materials for monolithic and private construction.

The reliability and durability of the facilities being built depend on the quality of consumables and their technical characteristics. Materials of the Kronex brand for creating spatial frames reliably retain their shape, withstand heavy loads during the pouring and hardening of concrete. The production of products is carefully controlled, each batch of goods is tested and only then goes on sale. The priority direction of the manufacturer is the creation of high-quality goods and the most convenient conditions for their use.

Brand products

A huge number of building materials of various assortments are produced under its own trademark, which help to solve many problems of reinforcing the frame, arranging formwork and pouring concrete:

• Construction mesh of different types, structures with different mesh sizes: welded, masonry, plaster and anti-mole nets, fiberglass nets, emergency fences, serpyanka tapes.
• Wire of different diameters in packages - galvanized and black for knitting reinforcement.
• Clamps for reinforcement, allowing without displacement of elements and quickly pouring concrete. For the construction of a strong frame, sprockets, rings, universal and reinforced supports for even distribution of rods and nets, ring clamps, and a stand for sandy soil are produced.
• Completing elements for formwork, helping to create strong and rigid structures - tie screws and nuts for fixing them, beams, plugs, knitting hooks.
• Fasteners. Nails for fences, terraces, thermal insulation.
• Plastic supports. Adjustable and non-adjustable feet for leveling the deck.

All manufactured goods are distinguished by reliability, durability, improved quality and are regulated by GOST.


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Office in Belarus

Minsk, st. Filimonova 20, office 64, RC "Aquamarine"
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