The Outdoor brand was created in 1956 in the suburbs of Toronto. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and advanced solutions in production, the development and implementation of unique designs, Outdoor quickly occupied the market and became a leader in the CIS countries and Europe.

The history of the formation and development of the Outdoor brand

The chronology of the company's activity begins in 1956, when the production of larch decking was opened in the suburbs of Toronto. The company performed complex closed-cycle work: procurement, processing and production of finished products from natural wood.

Despite the 1986 crisis, when the Canadian dollar reached its lowest level, production did not stop for a single day. Procurement work continued, the technological cycle was observed without flaws, prices were adjusted, so the products were still in demand.

After the ratification of the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the USA (1989), Outdoor's turnover began to grow rapidly, the company entered the international level.

Despite the difficulties arising during the transportation of finished products over long (intercontinental) distances, engineers fought to preserve the original characteristics of the board and created special protective materials.

Since the mid-90s, the corporation has begun to pay attention to environmental issues and environmental protection. The production of products from WPC, a wood-polymer composite that combines the advantages of wood and plastic, has begun. A mixture of wood fibers and polymer, with the addition of modifiers and dyes, is pressed through the holes of special machines (extruders), sintering into a single super-strong monolith.


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