Warehouse and logistics services

The Kronex Company is the largest warehouse logistics complex with 14,500 sq. m. of warehouse space and open areas. The territory includes various types of premises and platforms intended for various types of cargo and responsible storage.
You can use our transport logistics services, including cross-docking, crane operations, forwarding, responsible storage, rental of warehouse, production and office premises, as well as outdoor areas.

Many years of experience allows our company to provide a full range of logistics and forwarding services: from cargo storage to international transportation with customs documents, which greatly simplifies the conduct of your business.

Organization of loading and unloading of wagons is a comprehensive service of our company. The area that we provide is equipped for unloading, loading and storing materials. The wagon loading station is under reliable guard.

There are two ways to use wagon loading services: unloading materials for safe short-term storage and loading railway wagons in order to change transport and continue the route. 

Our wagon loading and unloading station has an ideal location for the distribution of railway cargo across Europe in two main directions - Poland and Lithuania. 

The service of a platform with a dead end railway includes the following types of work:

  • Reception of cargo at the railway station;

  • Wagon unloading services;

  • Acceptance of railway cargo and unloading/loading of railway wagons;

  • Provision for use of own access railway track;

  • We load and unload wagons manually and mechanized;

  • Transshipment of cargo into the customer's vehicles.

Our advantages

  • Fully equipped territory . The dead end of the railway track is equipped with a convenient entrance for all types of modern transport. The area is suitable for maneuvering low loader trawls. You will be served with the help of special equipment - stackers, forklifts, the lifting capabilities of which reach up to 10 tons, cranes up to 100 tons of load capacity.

  • Own railway line. Services for loading wagons and their subsequent dispatch are carried out according to an established scheme. Due to its own branch, the goods arrive on time at the place of arrival without delay.

  • Huge storage areas that are suitable for temporary and responsible storage of goods.

  • 24-hour security. Your cargo will be under reliable protection guaranteed. We are responsible for the safety of goods.

  • Cargo accounting system. Thanks to a specially adjusted system, we quickly receive cargo and quickly ship it.

Cargo consolidation is the collection and storage of small batches of goods from different senders for the purpose of their further joint dispatch and delivery to the recipients.

The essence of consolidation is to reduce the cost of transporting these shipments of goods from the sender to the consignee. Transportation of small batches of goods separately costs more than transportation of one large batch. The smaller the batch, the more expensive its transportation is. A buyer who regularly purchases from different suppliers can significantly reduce the cost of delivering a specific batch of goods if he collects all his orders in our warehouse and then sends all the goods by one truck or container.

Scheme of work:

  • Lots of goods from the sender arrive at our warehouse (delivery to the warehouse is carried out by us or by the customer)
  • Cargo handling: inspection and measurement of the dimensions of the goods, weighing
  • Moving to a temporary storage warehouse. At the stage of storing goods and forming a combined batch, various works can be carried out – warehouse accounting, retrofitting, sorting, packaging, labeling, labeling, etc.
  • Consolidation of batches of goods to the desired shipment volume
  • Loading and delivery of goods to the consignee according to the application

The advantage of working with us:

  • Saving time and transportation costs
  • Convenient location of the warehouse
  • Full range of services (organization of door-to-door transportation, through a temporary storage warehouse)
  • Favorable prices
  • We work seven days a week
  • Security guarantee

International transportation has been the engine of trade since its inception and one of the most important stages of a trade transaction. Such transportation is the fastest, safest and most affordable way to transfer goods anywhere in the world.

Kronex Company provides forwarding services and international transportation. When providing these services, we take into account all the features of the transported goods and the route along which it should be delivered.

International road transport

Road transport is a fairly fast type of cargo transportation. In addition, it is considered the most convenient in the case of delivery of small batches of goods. When transporting goods by road, cargo handling and customs clearance are simplified.

Transportation by rail

We carry out international rail transportation of various types of cargo. Among the advantages of this service, it is worth noting the ability to transport large batches of raw materials, bulk materials, and construction materials at a time.

Directions of our routes

We have a wide geography of transportation. We help our clients to organize international road cargo transportation:

  • From Belarus to Russia,
  • From Russia to EU countries,
  • From the EAEU countries to the EU,
  • From the EU to the EAEU.

Types of cargo

Kronex Сompany transports various types of goods:

  • bulk cargo,
  • building materials
  • metal,
  • forest,
  • lumber,
  • agriculture,
  • and many others.

The Kronex Сompany carries out the full organization of international road transport. By contacting us, you will receive a quality guarantee and well-coordinated work at all stages of logistics processes!

The Kronex company carries out multimodal transportation, which is popular with large organizations and private clients. This is a type of cargo transportation to the destination by two or more different modes of transport.

The scheme of cooperation with the customer includes several points:

  • we receive a request from the client for cargo delivery
  • we develop individual offers
  • we conclude a contract
  • we will arrange delivery by two types of transport
  • we complete the transaction within the specified time

Types of transport

On the main sections of the route, the company uses road and rail transport. The fastest and most convenient type of transportation of small batches of goods is road transport. We pick up the cargo from the supplier, distribute the cargo to large-sized or light vehicles, depending on the product category, and deliver it to the customer.

In bunkers, covered wagons, containers, we transport a large amount of cargo at a time by rail, including construction materials, metal products, bulk substances. The large carrying capacity of railway transport, the absence of dependence on weather conditions and the round-the-clock operation of the railway allows you to deliver cargo in the shortest possible time.

Directions of multimodal transportation and types of cargo

Kronex Company LLC conducts international road and rail cargo transportation along the following routes:

  • Belarus - Russia
  • Russia - EU countries
  • EAEU - EU countries
  • EU - EAEU.

Advantages of multimodal transportation

Customers get a great benefit, which is as follows:

  • They conclude a contract only with our company and pay only to us as a performer.
  • The cost of cargo delivery is reduced.
  • The delivery time is significantly reduced.
  • They receive security and guarantees, because all responsibility for the safety of the goods is assigned to the contractor.
  • The client provides a minimum number of documents, all other papers, including for customs inspection, are processed by our company's specialists.

Our advantages

The company has accumulated a lot of experience, improved logistics processes, carries out cargo transportation over any distance and of any complexity. We are trusted for several reasons:

  • we offer affordable prices for all types of services
  • we approach each client comprehensively and responsibly
  • we promptly deliver cargo to Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and other CIS countries
  • we provide personal conditions of carriage.

Warehouse logistics from the Company Kronex is reliability, quality and a professional approach to each transaction. Our services give customers the opportunity to reduce time and financial costs at all stages of distribution and logistics operations.

The modern base of our warehouse complex allows you to carry out a full cycle of storage of goods from reception to delivery without risks and losses.

The large territory of the complex offers several options for cargo storage:

  • storage in a warehouse
  • storage in an open area
  • storage under a canopy
  • storage under a gantry crane

Our company provides a complex of loading and unloading operations, cargo handling services, temporary and permanent storage, services for placing products in pallets and on pallets. Our qualified specialists will assist in the preparation for transportation, as well as all the necessary documentation and reporting.

Kronex employees organize closed and open-type railway transportation. The choice of a particular delivery method depends on the volume of goods being transported. Depending on the type and quantity of goods, railway transportation services are provided using:

  • hopper cars;
  • covered railway wagons;
  • universal containers;

Delivery is carried out to such countries as Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation.

The cost of rail transportation is influenced by the size and type of products, the type of car, the distance from point A to point B, the conditions of cargo delivery, urgency.

Types of cargo for railway transport

We transport building materials, timber, raw materials, paper, metal, household chemicals, bulk cargo, agricultural crops, fertilizers, bulk cargo, coal and other goods. We carry out railway transportation of food and non-food products, standard and non-standard sizes of cargo, luggage with a limited and unlimited shelf life, with specific consumer properties.

Advantages of railway cargo transportation

Competently developed logistics of railway transportation is beneficial to business representatives for many reasons:

  • large load capacity of wagons;
  • less dependence on weather conditions, road quality;
  • the railway works around the clock;
  • no seasonal jumps in railway fares;

Thanks to all these advantages, it is possible to organize rail transportation of goods along any routes and in the shortest possible time.

4 reasons to order services from Kronex

We are professionals in our field, which means we guarantee:

  • affordable prices for all types of services;
  • operational transportation across Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and other EAEU countries;
  • comprehensive approach to work;
  • personal conditions of railway transportation.

Thanks to our accumulated experience, we have established logistics processes at the highest level. You can entrust us with railway cargo transportation of any complexity!

On the basis of its own modern logistics complex, the Kronex Company provides services for renting premises of various types of purpose, as well as open and closed sites:

Warehouse rental

Placement of material values in covered, heated, equipped warehouses.

Rental of industrial premises

Premises for the organization of the production process.

Office rental

Comfortable office premises at a favorable price from the owner.

Rent of outdoor areas

About 8,000 sq. m of open storage areas on the territory of the warehouse complex.

Rent under the crane

Rent a platform under a crane on favorable terms.

Rental under canopies

Responsible storage of cargo on covered platforms with the possibility of rapid loading/unloading.

Our advantages:

  • low rental (or storage)prices;
  • convenient location;
  • good transport accessibility;
  • high-quality security, video surveillance, ACS;
  • the possibility of rapid loading/unloading of goods or cargo (provides rental under the crane);
  • additional protection of goods transferred to storage under canopies.

Contacting the "Kronex Company" allows you to optimize costs due to the favorable rental of premises. The convenient location of the facility makes it possible to quickly solve any logistics, production and other tasks without losing the efficiency of business process management.

Our company has taken serious care to ensure the safe storage of products, their integrity and safety. All processes in the warehouse are maximally automated, clearly organized and carried out with the maximum level of responsibility.

Our complex is consistently developing, expanding its technical capabilities and improving the quality of service.

Cargo transshipment, or cross-docking, is a logistics scheme involving transshipment, transportation, processing and dispatch of goods inside a warehouse without placement for storage.

Cross-docking of goods in a warehouse can be of two types - one-stage (direct transfer of cargo without re-forming) and two-stage (end-to-end cargo handling scheme).

Schemes for transshipment of goods:

  • transshipment of auto-auto
  • transshipment of a car- wagon;
  • transshipment wagon-wagon;

List of services for cross-docking:

  • reception;
  • weighing;
  • registration;
  • unloading and placement of goods;
  • storage;
  • sending by available transport.

To perform cross-docking, Kronex Company LLC has compiled a list of service offers, which also includes loading and unloading wagons with different categories of goods:

  • fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products;
  • products of advertising properties;
  • high-demand products;
  • luggage after sampling, packing, packing.

Advantages of the company

The advantages of Kronex Companies LLC include: full documentary support, operational information about the dislocation of cargo, registration of phytosertificate, fast reloading of goods of any category by crane, winch, loader, transshipment of lumber and metal transshipment.

The terminal of our company has an increased throughput flow, which allows you to overload a car-a car for 150 cars per day, to service the railway transshipment of 11 freight cars. All work is carried out promptly due to convenient infrastructure, availability of vehicles of various carrying capacities.

Transshipment of auto-auto is possible with consolidation or de-consolidation of luggage with placement for storage. The company also performs transshipment in export mode.

Warehouse services from the Company Kronex is a complex of activities that includes not only loading and unloading operations, but also warehouse processing. The company's specialists will perform the following types of work with the customer's products:

Loading and unloading operations

Loading and unloading of goods is carried out manually (by a team of movers) and with the help of lifting and transport equipment.


Work on the application of control identification marks on products greatly simplifies the work with the goods that have arrived at the warehouse.


In some cases, defective goods are disposed of, re-formed into other sets or stored with an appropriate mark.


Thanks to the packaging, the products have a marketable appearance. Each type of product is packed in a certain material for safe transportation.


The product sticker displays: the name of the product, composition, shelf life, optimal conditions for storage and manufacturer. 


Certification of goods in the Republic of Belarus is a mandatory legal requirement.  After passing the certification, any product can be checked by the number in the unified register.

Our advantages:

Our company is one of the leaders in providing high-quality warehouse services in the Republic of Belarus.

By choosing us, you get:

  • Comprehensive solutions in the field of warehouse logistics.
  • Reliable protection of premises and protection of products from theft or damage.
  • Prompt response to any unplanned situations.
  • Flexible terms of partnership.
  • Trained, experienced, highly professional staff.
  • Affordable cost, implementation of related additional services.
  • Provision of packaging, loading and unloading of your transport.

Kronex offers comprehensive logistics solutions for various industries, including:

  • woodworking products (lumber, plywood, pellets, paper, cellulose, etc.)
  • agricultural crops (flax seeds, ginger, mustard, beans, buckwheat, grain, sunflower seeds, etc.)
  • metals (rolled ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, ferroalloys)
  • various raw materials (polypropylene, sodium percarbonate, carbon black, etc.)

All of the above products are united by the fact that they are all exported from the EAEU countries to the EU countries. At the same time, Kronex is working to reduce the costs of transporting these goods in terms of total costs per ton or m3 of products, which is undoubtedly of great interest to the party organizing the delivery of goods, whether it is the Seller or the Buyer.

What the Kronex Company offers:

  • plywood transshipment
  • transshipment of forests
  • transshipment of agricultural crops
  • transshipment of fertilizers
  • transshipment of household chemicals
  • transshipment of food
  • transshipment of paper
  • metal transshipment
  • transshipment of bulk cargo


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