Accessories for formwork

Components for the formwork are elements that are its integral part, serve for fastening, bundling, fixing, leveling the formwork panels. The quality of monolithic elements directly depends on the formwork. Quality components help to increase the number of formwork reuse cycles.

For the construction of floors, as a rule, either ready-made reinforced concrete products are used, or floor formwork is made directly at the facility. The second option is more popular due to the fact that it can be used in the construction of buildings of any shape, while the finished floor slabs still need to be delivered to the site. The formwork is assembled without the need for additional equipment and can be reused, thus reducing overall costs.

The tie screw connects the shuttering panels, gives them stability under the influence of concrete mortar pressure and ensures the design thickness of the structure.

It is made of 76 grade rail steel, which allows it to withstand significant loads and not deform. The screw length varies from 1 to 6 meters, the diameter is 17 mm, and the thread pitch is 10 mm. Due to its versatility, it is used in the assembly of various types of wall formwork panels and is compatible with all nuts from our range.

Hot-rolled lashing screw

Vendor code Diameter Thread pitch Length Weight Type Material View Load Brand
KOP-0007 17 mm 10 mm 1000 mm 1,42 kg hot-rolled steel 76 (rail) clamping up to 190 kN (~ 19 tons) Kronex
KOP-0012 17 mm 10 mm 2000 mm 2,84 kg hot-rolled steel 76 (rail) clamping up to 190 kN (~ 19 tons) Kronex
KOP-0008 17 mm 10 mm 3000 mm 4,26 kg hot-rolled steel 76 (rail) clamping up to 190 kN (~ 19 tons) Kronex
KOP-0009 17 mm 10 mm 6000 mm 8,52 kg hot-rolled steel 76 (rail) clamping up to 190 kN (~ 19 tons) Kronex

It is one of the elements of panel formwork of all types. It is screwed onto the clamping screw, thereby connecting the formwork panels to each other. Nuts are made of cast iron and have special horns in the design, allowing the nut to be tightened with fittings, a wrench or a hammer.

Collar screw nut

Vendor code Diameter Height Weight Type Material Coating Ultimate load Brand
КОР-0102 100 mm 3-horn Ductile iron zinc -
КОР-0104 90 mm 40 mm 0,50 kg 2-horn Ductile iron zinc 98 kN (~9,8 tons) -
КОР-0105 100 mm 40 mm 0,60 kg 3-horn Ductile iron zinc 102 kN (~10,2 tons) -
КОР-0108 90 mm 53 mm 0,56 kg 3-horn Ductile iron zinc 187 kN  (~18,7 tons) Kronex
КОР-0110 110 mm 53 mm 0,80 kg 3-horn Ductile iron zinc 200 kN (~20 tons) Kronex
КОР-0111 120 mm 6 mm 1 kg superplita zinc Kronex
КОР-0112 - - 0,3 kg winged zinc Kronex
КОР-0113 120 mm 65 mm 0.5 kg waterstop zinc Kronex
КОР-0114 90 mm 53 mm 0,45 kg 3-horn zinc Fixar

The lock is used for fastening and leveling shields, creating rigidity, for securing additional inserts when using shields of different sizes, monolithic concrete or reinforced concrete structures. Represents two "L" -shaped jaws with grooves and a wedge. When using, it is necessary to align the grooves, insert and knock out the wedge, while the jaws converge. The higher the shock load on the wedge, the stronger the clamping force that the wedge lock transfers to the bounding contours for fastening the panels of the removable formwork. The wedge lock works both in tension and compression.

Zinc-plated cast wedge lock

Vendor code Dimensions Weight Type Material Coating Compatibility
КОР-0703 210х210х150 mm 2,6 kg wedge high-duty cast iron zinc all types of formwork
KOP-0704 110х75х70 mm 0,4 kg wedge high-duty cast iron zinc for vertical formwork
KOP-0705 110х75х70 mm 0,42 kg spring high-duty cast iron zinc for fixing reinforcement
KOP-0706 71х75х7 mm 2,9 kg clamp wrench steel zinc for clamping
KOP-0707 220х200х7 mm 3 kg wedge high-duty cast iron and steel zinc all types of formwork

It is used to reduce the adhesion of the formwork panels to the concrete mass. The processed formwork is not only easily detached, but also prevents the appearance of cracks, irregularities and chips on the coatings, does not destroy the concrete. Thus, the lubricant improves the quality of the concrete surface, which significantly increases the service life of the finished structure.

Formwork grease

Vendor code Package Dimensions Volume Weight Type Compatibility Brand
КОР-0325 cask 900х600х600 mm 216 l 211,7 kg Universal all types of formwork Kronex
KOP-0328 Канистра 415х270х240 mm 18 l 16,2 kg Universal all types of formwork Kronex
KOP-0329 Канистра 170х160х245 mm 4,8 l 4,3 kg Universal all types of formwork Kronex
KOP-0306 cask 870х570х570 mm 200 l 178 kg Oil all types of formwork -

Designed to securely hold the beams at the upper end of the vertical telescopic slab formwork props. The universal fork fixes the installed position of the beam, depriving it of the possibility of displacement in the transverse direction. In addition, the unilk connects the beams along the length in the places where they overlap.


Vendor code Dimensions Weight Material Coating Application area
КОР-0204 220х130х170 mm 1,0 kg steel staining slab formwork

The rack consists of two steel pipes of different diameters. A support platform is welded to the pipe of a larger diameter from below, and from above is a nozzle with a thread rolled onto it and slots for fasteners.

A pipe of a smaller diameter (telescopic insert) has holes along its entire length, with an interval of 100 mm; a support platform is welded to it on top for installing a unvil.

Telescopic stand

Vendor code Min height Max height Height adjustment step Weight View Coating
КОР-0508 1 900 mm 3 100 mm 100 mm 10,3 kg Telescopic staining
КОР-0509 2 100 mm 3 700 mm 100 mm 11,8 kg Telescopic staining

Since the support leg undergoes a constant horizontal dynamic load during operation, it must be rigidly fixed. For this, when concreting floors, a formwork tripod is used, which is designed to support the rack in a strictly vertical position, as well as to secure it securely.


Vendor code Dimensions (ВхШ) Масса Material Coating Application area
КОР-0203 860х1000 mm 3,0 kg steel staining slab formwork

The design of the I-beam is represented by two shelves (upper and lower), which are made of softwood, and a plywood stand. I-beam elements are interconnected by means of a thorn-groove lock and moisture-resistant glue. Due to their low weight, timber I-beams can reduce the total weight of the supporting structure and eliminate the need for many assembly and support parts of the formwork.


Vendor code Dimensions Material Coating Application area
BLK-0009 0,08х0,2х3,9 m coniferous timber, plywood, plastic staining slab formwork
BLK-0009 0,08х0,2х3,0 m coniferous timber, plywood, plastic staining slab formwork
BLK-0010 0,08х0,2х3,3 m coniferous timber, plywood, plastic staining slab formwork

Performs protective functions, prevents the tension screws during the installation of the formwork from contact with the mortar. Thanks to this, the fasteners can be freely removed when disassembling the formwork for reuse. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe is a consumable material that remains in the concrete body.

PVC pipe

Vendor code External diameter Inner diameter length Weight of packing Packing dimensions Qty in a package Brand
FKS-1404 25 mm 22 mm 3000 mm 17,0 кг 3000х175х175 mm 120 linear meter Kronex

The formwork cone retainer is a truncated cone retainer that is designed to be installed on the edges of pipes.

The main role of PVC cone and pipe clips is to form voids, that is, through holes in concrete. The latch prevents the concrete mass from getting inside the pipe. After the concrete has hardened, the clamping screw can be easily removed from the formwork.

Retainer cone

Vendor code Diameter Type Weight of packing Packing dimensions Qty in a package Brand
FKS-1203 22 mm standard 3,1 kg 1 200х700х250 mm 1 000 pcs Fixar
FKS-1201 22 mm standard 4,4 kg 1 200х700х250 mm 1 000 pcs Kronex

At an air temperature below zero, the water that is part of the concrete does not enter into a chemical reaction with the rest of the components and turns into ice, which leads to a slower hardening of concrete and a loss of its strength. The best way to avoid this is to use a special wire to heat the concrete.

Concrete heating wire

Vendor code Diameter Length Weight Conductive core Insulation Application temperature
КОР-0401 1,2 mm 1 000 m 13,0 kg steel ПВХ PVC compound from -60 ° C to + 50 ° C

Designed for tying reinforcement with wire twists connecting reinforcing elements of reinforced concrete frames. The curved hook design reduces hand force when turning the handle. The hook rotates freely in the handle along the longitudinal axis, which increases the working efficiency.

Rebar tying hook

Vendor code Width Length Height Weight Application area
КОР-0601 7,2 mm 210 mm 2,7 mm 0,12 kg knitting of the reinforcement cage for all types of monolithic work

Designed to close openings in the ends of plastic pipes after removing the formwork, as well as to close the technological openings in the panel formwork. Available in various diameters from 16 to 40 mm.

Blanking plugs

Vendor code Diameter Type Qty in a package Material Brand
FKS-1301 22 mm round P22 1 000 pcs PVC Kronex
FKS-1306 22 mm round P22 50 pcs PVC Kronex
FKS-1304 22 / 25 mm herringbone 1 000 pcs PVC Kronex
FKS-1308 22 / 25 mm herringbone 50 pcs PVC Kronex
FKS-1302 22 mm round P22 1 000 pcs PVC Kronex
FKS-1307 22 mm round P22 50 pcs PVC Kronex
FKS-1309 16 mm round PSK16 1 000 pcs Plastic Kronex
FKS-1311 22 mm round P22 1 000 pcs PVC Kronex
FKS-1312 22 mm round P22N 1 000 pcs PVC Kronex
FKS-1313 22 mm round P22 50 pcs PVC Kronex


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